22-year-old Martin Neshkovski of civilian officials of the special unit killed EWC

By 15 clock gave the Macedonian Interior Ministry MVR a press conference about the incident Sunday in Macedonia since the younger generation mobilized.

According to MPR, the victim has been identified, it is this is the 22 year old Martin Neschkovski from Skopje / Kozle. Martin died on Sunday evening around 0.40 clock the injuries to him "react fast" Igor Spasov, member of the special unit for the EWC inflicted. The culprit turned yesterday to 16 clock his superiors.

On demand of the journalists, why were no details yesterday was made to the MPR, that they did not want to hinder the investigation directly, since the boy's identity was unknown until today. The identity was based on fingerprints are detected, then, the brother of the deceased today identified the bod

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