Online Community Prevents Murder Cover-Up

As announced, the protests against brutal killing of a young man on Sunday continued on June 7, 2011, in Skopje, Macedonia. They were non-violent and participants were proactive in self-regulating anything that could be interpreted as provocation toward the police, including insulting shouts by ‘embedded' groups of sports fans.
The police announced they would monitor social networks for troublemakers.
Twitter user Kopriva wrote [mk]:
I repeat: “We're not anti-police… we're anti-police brutality.” - Al Sharpton
Viktor Arsovski provided the following comprehensive report [mk]:
Viral informing through Macedonian social networks led to a revelation that a member of special police forces beat Martin Neshkovski, 22, to death Sunday night. Angry citizens used social networks to organize protests against police brutality.

for a full story by Filip Stojanovski go to Global Voices

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