Protests against Police Brutality

Skopje, Macedonia 06.06.2011 – day after the elections on which the ruling conservative party won a new four year mandate. Supporters were celebrating the victory at the main city square in the capital Skopje. Some local media published short articles on their web sites that a young man was found dead near the city square the same night. The official statement from the police at the point was, I quote "A male body was found dead in the vicinity of the city square, there were no signs of violence on the body when policemen found him".
At first nobody thought much about the news, but somewhere in the afternoon on the 6th a tweet started circulating twitter about a young man being beaten to death by a police officer on the city square the same night.
After just a few hours the tweet was retweeted by most of the Macedonian twitter users and people started gathering in the city park in Skopje in order to learn more about what happened and start a peaceful protest demanding more information about the event from the authorities. More and more people were gathering and a book was open where around 200 people signed to condemn the brutal police murder and demand that case to be resolved as soon as possible.
for a full story by Arangel go to A geek's Jurnal

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